Humble But Hungry Completes 2nd Annual Father’s Day 5K


Newark, Del., – Father’s Day Weekend has become an exciting and memorable event now more than ever with Humble but Hungry (HBH) on the scene.

Royce King Sports returned to Glasgow Park in Newark, DE to witness Humble but Hungry’s (HBH) 2nd Annual Father’s Day 5K Event. Humble but Hungry is a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization created to help serve those less fortunate in the community, and to inspire education, health, and wellness.

The HBH Team has continued to be a vital part of its community holding clothing drives, food drives, and donating their time and effort to give back to those in need.

This year’s Father’s Day 5K Event continued its tradition of enthusiastic participants racing along the Glasgow Park trails where families, friends, and pets walked, ran and cycled their way to wellness. The race covered three miles and featured 162 participants plus their families. In addition to the race, this year’s 5K also included a raffle that featured several prizes for some lucky participants. The 2nd Annual HBH Father’s Day 5K was sponsored by Fusion Race Timing, Bear-Glasgow Family YMCA, SmakkFit, The G Spot Tattoos, G&G Moving, Weddlock Event Designs, Royce King Sports, People Builders, Wawa, and Shop Rite. For those looking to get involved with Humble but Hungry or volunteer, visit and be sure to follow the team on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you to all our volunteers and Team HBH.

Play To Win Podcast


The Play To Win Podcast was created to cover all things basketball from grassroots to NBA, and more. This newly created platform will give a voice to any and everyone whose ever wanted to put there two cents in on all the action thats happeneing in and around the game of basketball. From interviews, to debates, you won’t want to miss out.

Wanna be part of the show? You can call in with messages anytime and we’ll be able to add our favorite ones to the episode. Download and listen as we discuss the latest basketball news with coaches, players, tournament coordinators, officials, and special guests.

If you’d like to be our next featured guest, got a topic to share, or just want to add to the conversation, subscribe to The Play To Win Podcast and email us your contact information at (name, phone number) and we just might give you a call when we go live.

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The Association Series


The weekend of April 13th through the 15th brought a flurry of talent to the state of Indiana as The Crossroads Showcase went down in style at the sports and recreation center of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Teams ranging from grades 2-7 competed over the course of three days leading up to championship Sunday for the Crossroads Title.

Also taking place, was The Association basketball series.

Kicking off their first event, teams in the 14U, 15U, 16U, and 17U groups competed in bracket play as teams align themselves for tournament play in this three part series.

The Association is a basketball organization platform designed to provide youth with a foundation to showcase their athletic talents. The goal is to develop young men of character while exposing student-athletes to future athletic and educational opportunities at the next level. The Associations three part series will continue throughout the summer taking Indiana by storm with The Finals circuit taking place in Atlanta, GA.

Check out The Association online for more information and schedule details on how you can be part of this expanding organization, and to register your team for the next big event.

The Association II will kick off on Friday, May 25 and run til Sunday, May 27 in Westfield, IN, at the Pacers Athletic Center. Download the Wabash Valley Family Sports Center app on your Android or iPhone to view the schedule.