Motivational speaker and business consultant, Royce King of Royce King Sports (RKS), LLC uses his officiating, leadership, and life experiences in delivering passionate and powerful words of wisdom to engage audiences for creating their own destiny of success.


As a Visionary Guide Voice¹, with 25 years experience as a husband, father, leader and a rising voice within Basketball communities, Royce has a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective on effective achievement and empowerment.



Powered by the Four RKS Fundamentals: Life is a Sport, Play to Win, Know Your Personnel (KYP), and Next Best Move, these simple, yet powerful motto’s will help you navigate through life’s journey, and guide you on the road to becoming effective achievers in any capacity. Royce’s audience members will experience an energetic, motivational presentation that will engage, inspire, and move participants into action to better their lives personally and professionally.

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When Royce isn’t booked for a speaking engagement, or consulting a client, he enjoys all things basketball, reading, telling jokes, mentoring others, and having fun with the family dog, Loyal. Royce is the father of five and enjoys living in Las Vegas, NV with his wife, Juana.

¹ Visionary Guide Voice (VGV) – “a person thinking about and planning the future with imagination & wisdom; who advises or shows the way to others expressly (something) in words.”


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“I am a Strategic Maximizer who is a Deliberative Arranger with Intellection.”

  • Tested and documented by The Gallup Organization, Strengths Finder in 2006, while employed by The Ministry of Caring, House of Joseph III, in Wilmington, Delaware.