Media Day with the Indiana Fever

Indianapolis, Ind., — Catch a sneak peak of the Indiana Fever behind the scenes on Media Day at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

(12) Bashaara Graves flexing for the cam. RKS photo/Glynnis King
Our Rookies are better than yours. From left to right: (35) Victoria Vivians, (23) Stephanie Mavunga, and (0) Kelsey Mitchell. RKS photo/Glynnis King
We coming for that No. 1 spot. (42) Shenise Johnson. RKS photo/Glynnis King
We Grow Basketball Here. Head Coach Pokey Chatman. RKS photo/Glynnis King
Teamwork makes the dream work. (35) Victoria Vivians, (0) Kelsey Mitchell, (23) Stephanie Mavunga, and (4) Candice Dupree. RKS photo/Glynnis King

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